Honourable guests officiate at the forum’s opening ceremony


Dr Cheung Wai-lun gives a talk entitled “Integrative Medicine – Challenges and Opportunities of Chinese Medicine Hospital”


Date: 02 Aug 2018 (Thursday)


International experts share wisdom on integrative Chinese and Western medicine at HKBU forum

浸大舉辦「香港中醫醫院發展國際論壇」 海內外專家學者研討中西醫協作服務

The School of Chinese Medicine organised the “International Forum on the Development of Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Hospital: Integrative Chinese and Western Medicine” on 29 July. Veteran Chinese medicine experts from around the globe gathered to share their valuable experience on the topic with more than 400 participants.
Speaking on the occasion, Dr Cheung Wai-lun, Project Director, Chinese Medicine Hospital Project Office, Food and Health Bureau, said planning has begun for Hong Kong’s first Chinese Medicine Hospital (CMH). He said the CMH will focus on the development of services, such as integrated Chinese and Western medicine services, with Chinese medicine playing the predominant role. Dr Cheung added that the CMH faces several challenges, such as the building of a system and the fostering of a culture which are needed to effectively bring together professionals of different backgrounds to work towards a common goal.