The conference gathers experts to explore promising ways of adopting technology-assisted teaching and learning to deliver best student learning experience.


Date: 08 Jun 2018 (Friday)


HKBU hosts conference to explore innovative pedagogies on whole person education

大學舉辦研討會探討創意教學 促進全人教育

The Centre for Holistic Teaching and Learning of HKBU and the United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia jointly presented the conference entitled “Technology-Assisted Teaching and Learning for Whole Person Education: Opportunities and Challenges in Asia” on campus recently. The conference was attended by more than 150 scholars from 13 countries and regions to explore innovative pedagogies for promoting whole person education.

In his welcome address, Associate Vice-President (Teaching and Learning) cum Academic Registrar of HKBU Professor Ricky Wong said that one of the University’s strategic priorities is to provide students with the best learning experience, and technology is one of the promising vehicles to realise this objective.

Other highlights included keynote presentations delivered by pivotal higher education leaders and technology pioneers, including Education Evangelist of Google, US, Mr Jaime Casap, Principal of the Lady Doak College in India Dr Christianna Singh, Emeritus Professor of The University of Hong Kong Professor Cheng Kai-ming and Vice President (Teaching and Learning) of HKBU Dr Albert Chau. In addition, there were 17 parallel presentation sessions, networking opportunities and discussions, and a session using augmented reality technology to reinforce integrity and ethics.

浸大全人教育教與學中心聯同亞洲基督教高等教育聯合董事會最近在校園舉辦「Technology-Assisted Teaching and Learning for Whole Person Education: Opportunities and Challenges in Asia」研討會,來自13個國家及地區超過150位學者聚首探討創意教學法,以促進全人教育。


主題演講嘉賓包括美國谷歌教育推廣者Jaime Casap先生、印度多克夫人學院院長Christianna Singh博士、香港大學榮休教授程介明教授和浸大副校長(教與學)周偉立博士。三天的研討會還包括17場分組專題討論環節、聯誼及分享,以及介紹使用擴增實境技術以提升學術上的誠信與品德,發揮教學效能。