Honourable guests attend the 10th Professional Lecture Series on Chinese Medical Classics and Clinical Practice


The new book "浸大中醫醫案系列──壺天擷英"


Date: 21 May 2018 (Monday)


School of Chinese Medicine hosts Professional Lecture Series on Chinese Medical Classics and Clinical Practice


With a view to raising the academic standard of professionals in the Chinese medicine industry and enhancing public knowledge of Chinese medicines, the School of Chinese Medicine (SCM) hosted the 10th Professional Lecture Series on Chinese Medical Classics and Clinical Practice on 13 May, attracting an audience of about 500 participants including Chinese medicine teachers and students of local higher institutions, local registered Chinese medicine practitioners and members of the public. A new book entitled “浸大中醫醫案系列──壺天擷英” was also launched on the occasion.
SCM invited four veteran experts and scholars to speak: Professor Wang Sanhu from Xi’an Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital gave a talk on “Treatment of lung cancer using classical formulae”; Professor Zeng Qingming, former Superintendent of Shenzhen Luohu District Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine spoke on “Experience in treating vertigo from syndrome-differentiation of the Six Meridians”; Professor Du Ning, former Deputy Director of Shanghai Institute of Traumatology and Orthopaedics shared on “The material basis of Chinese medicine treatment of diseases”; while Dr Liu Yulong, Principal Lecturer of the Clinical Division, School of Chinese Medicine, HKBU, delivered a talk entitled “Clinical application and medical records of acupuncture on physical rehabilitation of cancer patients after pulse diagnosis”. 
The new book entitled “浸大中醫醫案系列──壺天擷英”, with Dean of the School of Chinese Medicine Professor Lyu Aiping and Associate Vice-President (Chinese Medicine Development) Professor Bian Zhaoxiang as chief editors, was launched at the event. It records a series of real clinical cases conducted by professional Chinese medicine practitioners, covering four methods of diagnosis, principle of syndrome differentiation, formula compositions, knowledge of Chinese medical practice, as well as thoughts and valuable experiences gathered from Chinese medicine practitioners.