The Global Youth Summit 2018 looks at social inclusion matters.


Date: 03 May 2018 (Thursday)


HKBU hosts Global Youth Summit promoting inclusive society

浸大舉辦全球青年峰會 討論種族共融

HKBU held the Global Youth Summit 2018 with the theme of social inclusion, attended by around 200 local and non-local young people who discussed social inclusion issues.

The Summit jointly organised by the Leadership Qualities Centre of the Office of Student Affairs and student organisation AIESEC in HKBU invited business consultant Dr Wil Hokama, Social Service Worker of Christian Action Mr Jeffrey Andrews, Hong Kong actor Mr Brian Burrell, and Jianne Soriano, a United Nations Internet Governance Forum Multistakeholder Advisory Group member who is also an International Journalism student of HKBU, to take part in the panel discussion.

Participants learnt about the latest developments in social inclusion in the city and the challenges faced by ethnic minorities in Hong Kong. They also discussed the actions taken to achieve the goal of reduced inequalities, one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations.

浸大舉辦以「Social Inclusion社會共融」為主題的2018年全球青年峰會,約200位本港及非本地青年人參加,一同探討社會共融的課題。

峰會由學生事務處領袖素質中心與學生組織AIESEC香港浸會大學分會合辦,邀請了企業顧問Wil Hokama博士、香港基督教勵行會社工Jeffrey Andrews先生、演員Brian Burrell先生及聯合國Internet Governance Forum Multistakeholder Advisory Group成員暨浸大國際新聞系學生Jianne Soriano參與論壇。