Rex Chan (centre) and his team win the Impact Challenge in the Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations

陳泓嘉(中)及其團隊在哈佛亞洲暨國際關係計劃的Impact Challenge環節,取得第一名。

Date: 02 May 2018 (Wednesday)


Government and International Studies student joins international conference to explore global issues


Rex Chan (Government and International Studies, Year 3) was selected to join the Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations (HPAIR) in the US which brought together 300 university students from 40 countries and cities to discuss the most pressing issues in the Asia-Pacific region. Rex and his team won the Impact Challenge with their familiarity with Asia and insightful development strategy.

Rex remarked that in the four-day conference, various issues including entrepreneurship, economics and finance, environment and sustainable development, health and social policies, international politics and diplomacy were discussed. He was deeply inspired by the views exchanged between participants and the talks delivered by speakers. He also took the opportunity to attend humanities lessons while at Harvard University to get a taste of the learning atmosphere in the world-class university.

The Impact Challenge was a one-day case competition held on the last day of the HPAIR conference. Participants were divided into groups and were asked to provide advice to a randomly assigned startup. Rex, together with another four delegates from Malaysia, the Philippines and India, suggested a Harvard startup named 'Luminopia' to expand its service, a virtual reality (VR) therapeutic tool for visual disorders, to remote areas in Asia and increase its branding efforts.

Rex thanked GIS and HKBU for their support which enabled him to join the international platform to exchange ideas with people around the world. This experience broadened his vision and gave him new ideas about his prospects.   

陳泓嘉(政治及國際關係三年級)早前獲推薦遠赴美國哈佛大學參加哈佛亞洲暨國際關係計劃2018哈佛會議,與約300位來自全球40個國家的學生代表就亞太地區重要議題交流意見。憑著對亞洲的認識,他及其所屬團隊提出具遠見的社企拓展策略,在會議的Impact Challenge環節,取得第一名。
在會議最後一日,大會安排Impact Challenge,要求學生代表組成小組,在一日內為指定的初創社會企業提供發展建議。泓嘉與來自馬來西亞、印度及菲律賓的學生代表一組,建議哈佛的始創社企Luminopia利用品牌效應,按部就班地讓亞洲偏遠地區的弱視人士人得到虛擬現實技術的治療。