Dr Tammy Ho


Date: 26 Apr 2018 (Thursday)


HKBU scholar elected Junior Fellow of Hong Kong Academy of the Humanities


Dr Tammy Ho, Assistant Professor of the Department of English Language and Literature, has been elected as a Junior Fellow of the Hong Kong Academy of the Humanities (HKAH) for five years, effective from April 2018.
HKAH held its election of Junior Fellows with the intention of recognising the research and leadership potential of gifted mid-career humanists in Hong Kong and supporting them to develop into world-class scholars. Dr Ho said: “Looking ahead, I will continue to contribute to the humanities through my various roles. I believe that, as a scholar, a dedicated editor of an international literary publication based in Hong Kong, a translator and poet, I will be a humble but valuable addition to the Hong Kong Academy of Humanities.” 
Dr Ho is the founding co-editor of the first Hong Kong-based online literary publication, Cha: An Asian Literary Journal, and a founding co-editor of the academic journal Hong Kong Studies (Chinese University Press) and an editor of Victorian Network. She has also edited or co-edited several volumes of poetry and prose published in Hong Kong.
The HKAH was founded in 2011 to support research in the humanities and to promote recognition of the value of humanistic scholarship to Hong Kong culture and society. Furthermore, it assists Hong Kong-based humanists to make international scholarly engagements in Asia and beyond.

何博士是香港首份網上英語文學雜誌《茶》的創辦者,並擔任聯合編輯,也是學術期刊《Victorian Network》和《香港研究》的編輯。她還編纂及共同編輯了多部本地詩集及散文。