(From left) Ms Lisa Song, Senior Assistant Librarian/Head of Chinese Medicine Library, Professor Chen Hubiao, and Mr Li Yiu-on, Senior Assistant Librarian, Systems Section, HKBU Library introduce the special features of the territory's first "Chinese Medical Formulae Images Database"

(左起) 圖書館高級助理館長/中醫藥圖書館主任宋麗女士、陳虎彪教授和圖書館高級助理館長李耀安先生,介紹全港首個「中藥方劑圖像數據庫」的特色

Date: 12 Apr 2018 (Thursday)


School of Chinese Medicine launches territory’s first “Chinese Medical Formulae Images Database” for free worldwide access

浸大推出全港首個「中藥方劑圖像數據庫」 供全球人士網上免費查閱

The School of Chinese Medicine recently launched the territory’s first “Chinese Medical Formulae Images Database” (http://library.hkbu.edu.hk/electronic/libdbs/cmfid/index.html) in collaboration with the University Library. 
The database documents 182 Chinese medical formulae commonly used in Chinese medical practice. Systematically consolidating and summarising these in the form of images and detailed descriptions, the database provides formula compositions, processing forms, functions, indications and usage in order to enable the public to learn more about the application and knowledge of a variety of Chinese medical formulae over the Internet, thereby further promoting the development of Chinese medicine worldwide.
Supported by Fong’s Family Foundation, the newly launched database is a major component of the University’s “Chinese Medicine Digital Project” which also connects with three other data systems, namely the Chinese Medicinal Material Images Database (http://library.hkbu.edu.hk/electronic/libdbs/mmd/), Medicinal Plant Images Database (http://library.hkbu.edu.hk/electronic/libdbs/mpd/), and Phytochemical Images Database (http://library.hkbu.edu.hk/electronic/libdbs/pid/). 
All databases are available in both Chinese and English. All photos contained in the databases are from the collection compiled over 30 years by Professor Chen Hubiao, coordinator of the digital project and Professor of the Teaching and Research Division, School of Chinese Medicine. It is hoped that the databases can be a good source of reference enabling more effective teaching and research as well as providing the public with a convenient and highly accessible platform to gain professional Chinese medicine knowledge.
Professor Chen Hubiao said: “I am delighted that our efforts over the years can be put together in the form of a database series that can enable teachers, students, researchers and professionals in the field as well as people from different professions to acquire relevant knowledge in Chinese medicine. It is also hoped that the database series can serve as a useful platform for people from all over the world to get to know more about traditional Chinese medicine culture.” He opined that the “Chinese Medical Formulae Images Database” could help further strengthen and advance the “Chinese Medicine Digital Project” so as to promote the application and internationlisation of Chinese medicine research through information technology.
Launched by HKBU in 2012, the “Chinese Medicine Digital Project” has generated more than 1.33 million views from over 200 countries and regions. The project also won the 2012 American Library Association Presidential Citations for Innovative International Library Projects Award.

新推出的「中藥方劑圖像數據庫」是浸大「中醫藥數字化項目」的重要組成部分,並得到方潤華基金贊助支持。數據庫內詳述的每一個方劑資訊內容均與「中醫藥數字化項目」轄下的「中藥材圖像數據庫」(http://library.hkbu.edu.hk/electronic/libdbs/mmd/)、「藥用植物圖像數據庫」(http://library.hkbu.edu.hk/electronic/libdbs/mpd/) 和「中草藥化學圖像數據庫」(http://library.hkbu.edu.hk/electronic/libdbs/pid/) 有系統地互相連結。