Professor Stuart Christie receives the James M Osborn Fellowship

Stuart Christie教授獲頒James M Osborn獎助

Date: 11 Apr 2018 (Wednesday)


HKBU scholar awarded fellowship from Yale University


Head of Department of English Language and Literature Professor Stuart Christie was awarded the James M Osborn Fellowship by the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library of Yale University, USA. Professor Christie will join other visiting fellows in residence in the New Haven area for about two months.
The Fellowship awarded in support of his project “Canonizing John Hersey” will provide Professor Christie with in-residence access to and analysis of the papers and letters of John Hersey who was a renowned American writer and journalist. Professor Christie said, “I'm delighted at the prospect of bringing Yale-based research even closer to HKBU and Hong Kong where Yale-in-China had its earliest impacts, especially among the American missionary community prior to 1930. And John Hersey was another among the famous ‘mish-kids’—China-born children of American missionaries—whose subsequent career contributions to American literature owe a lot to his attitudes and understandings of China which have been under-researched to date.”
The Beinecke Fellowship Program has a strong track record of supporting scholars who have made significant contributions to their field, and helps sustain the atmosphere of scholarly exploration and convivial intellectual exchange. Beinecke Fellows are encouraged to take part in the academic community while taking advantage of one of the richest collections of rare books and manuscripts of its kind in the world.

英國語言文學系系主任Stuart Christie教授,獲美國耶魯大學的拜內克古籍善本圖書館授予James M Osborn獎助,並將以訪問學者的身分在美國紐黑文地區駐居約兩個月。
駐留期間Christie教授將獲支持在當地進行研究項目,分析已故知名作家兼記者John Hersey留下的文章和信件。Christie教授表示:「我很高興即將有機會把耶魯大學與浸大和香港聯繫起來。耶魯大學與中國淵源甚深,特別是耶魯的雅禮協會在1930年以前的美國傳教士群體中,發揮着重要的影響。John Hersey生於中國而父母均為美國傳教士,他及後對美國文壇的貢獻,很大程度上也歸因於他對中國的理解和認知,但學術界迄今還未對他進行過充分的研究。」