Director Tsai Ming-liang (left) shares his insights on VR film development


Date: 10 Apr 2018 (Tuesday)


Academy of Film hosts activities to explore virtual reality film


The Academy of Film (AF) of the School of Communication, in collaboration with the 42nd Hong Kong International Film Festival, premiered the first virtual reality (VR) Chinese language film, The Deserted.
Director of The Deserted Mr Tsai Ming-liang and the leading actor Mr Lee Kang-sheng travelled to Hong Kong from Taiwan to speak at AF’s master class. They shared their thoughts and vision for this pioneering cinematic innovation with the audience.
The Deserted, Mr Tsai’s debut VR work, is an attempt to break the established dichotomy of traditional cinema, and create an interactive film experience that blurs the lines between reality and creative expression. The 55-minute piece is a milestone in Chinese language cinema and was selected for the first-ever Virtual Reality competition at the Venice Film Festival.
Over the three-day screening from 31 March to 2 April, 15 public sessions were held at the Academy’s studio while three additional sessions were offered exclusively to students of the Academy. AF Director Professor Eva Man said, “Working in one of the top tertiary institutions that provides film education in Asia, I’m pleased and excited that we play a key part in bringing this piece of extraordinary cinematic innovation to audiences in Hong Kong.” Furthermore, renowned artiste Rebecca Pan, director Ann Hui and actress Cecilia Yip attended the film’s Hong Kong Premiere to show their support.
At the master class, Mr Tsai talked about his VR filmmaking journey, he said, “VR technology has been developing at a very fast pace, thus, making a VR film is a continuous adventure of exploration, in which new discoveries are found almost every day.” He believed the most impressive part for an audience is the immersive experience in a 3D environment where shooting took place. 
Mr Tsai Ming-liang won the Golden Lion Award at the Venice Film Festival with Vive L’amour (1994). Mr Tsai has established himself as one of contemporary cinema’s most accomplished auteurs. In addition to bringing films into the art world, he has been constantly exploring multimedia and new technology in filmmaking. 

傳理學院電影學院與第42屆香港國際電影節合作,舉辦多場活動首播世界第一部虛擬現實(VR) 華語電影《家在蘭若寺》,並邀得導演蔡明亮先生及男主角暨金馬影帝李康生先生專誠由台灣來港出席放映會並主持大師班,分享利用先進科技處理影像的經驗及感受。
一連三日的電影放映由3月31日開始,合共18場;其中三場專為電影學院學生而設。電影學院總監文潔華教授說:「作為亞洲的主要電影學府,我們十分榮幸促成這件盛事,能夠讓香港觀眾率先欣賞嶄新電影創作。」另外,《家在蘭若寺》 片尾曲主唱者及資深藝人潘迪華、導演許鞍華及演員葉童均出席首映以示支持。