Abbas Khan (fourth from right) receives the honour from Mr Matthew Cheung (fifth from right), Chief Secretary for Administration, at the launch ceremony

Abbas Khan(右四)於典禮上獲政務司司長張建宗先生 (右五) 嘉許成為本年度「Youth to Watch」

Date: 04 Apr 2018 (Wednesday)


Finance student named Youth to Watch by Zubin Foundation

財務學學生獲小彬紀念基金會選為年度「Youth to Watch」

Abbas Khan, a Year 3 student of the School of Business majoring in Finance, was recently nominated as one of the seven candidates for the inaugural Youth to Watch, an initiative by the Zubin Foundation which aims at bringing together exemplary local ethnic minority individuals who want to serve Hong Kong.
Abbas is a Pakistani student and one of the six awardees of the Admission Scholarship Scheme for Outstanding South and South East Asian Ethnic Minority Students launched by HKBU this academic year. He said he was delighted and proud to be chosen as one of the Youth to Watch 2018 and that the recognition comes with responsibility. 
“In the coming year, I will try to get in touch with ethnic minority friends or relatives and learn about the problems or issues that they might be facing currently in society. I will do my best to relay those messages to the Zubin Foundation or government officials,” said Abbas. As a Finance major student, Abbas aspires to start his own investment company after graduation. Through the company, he would like to provide more employment opportunities to people of South Asian descent and create a platform for them to play to their strengths.
The Zubin Foundation first launched Diversity List and Community Connectors in 2006. These initiatives aim at identifying a number of non-Chinese individuals who are elites in their professions and are devoted to contributing to Hong Kong by serving on government advisory and statutory bodies. This year, the Foundation launched Youth to Watch to recognise outstanding individuals under the age of 35 who are committed to bettering Hong Kong through their ideas, passion and talent. 

工商管理學院財務學三年級學生Abbas Khan最近獲小彬紀念基金會選為「Youth to Watch」,成為本年度七位獲選人士之一,將以其少數族裔的身份為香港出謀獻策,共建美好社會。
來自巴基斯坦的Abbas是本學年六位獲頒浸大新設立「南亞及東南亞少數族裔傑出學生入學獎學金」的學生之一。對於獲選為年度「Youth to Watch」,他感到既興奮又光榮,亦為他帶來一種使命感。
小彬紀念基金會於2006年先後推出「多元名單」和「Community Connectors」,旨在連繫在社會各行各業上表現出色的小數族裔人士,推薦他們參與不同的政府諮詢委員會,為社會出謀獻策。今年基金會並新增設「Youth to Watch」,目的為表揚35歲以下的傑出少數族裔人士,鼓勵他們以個人意念、對社會的熱愛和專業所長,攜手推動社會發展。