Integrated Communication Management students win the Best Multimedia Award at the Asia Social Innovation Award event


Date: 08 Mar 2018 (Thursday)


Communication students clinch Best Multimedia Award at the Asia Social Innovation Award event


School of Communication’s Integrated Communication Management Year 4 students Fafa Cheng, Be Cheung, Marco Chung, Whitney Fung and Ada Luk promoted the idea of their social enterprise Cardboard Maker through a short film which earned them the Best Multimedia Award at the Asia Social Innovation Award event. Through the film, they hope to turn the public’s negative perception of scavengers around.
In 2017, there was a shift in the Mainland recycling policy that led to some local recycling firms to stop collecting waste paper at one point, which brought the matter to the attention of the team. “Many people don’t think scavenging is a real job. They have formed a negative impression of scavengers, who are most overlooked by society,” Marco stated.
In order to change the public’s attitude towards scavengers and raise social awareness, the team named their social enterprise Cardboard Maker. They hope primary and secondary schools will make an effort to organise cardboard recycling workshops for students, and will gradually open those workshops to the public. All the proceeds of the workshops will go towards assisting scavengers to improve their work conditions and provide them with sufficient equipment to improve their livelihood.
The students collaboratively produced a three-minute animation that introduces the vision and logistics of Cardboard Maker. The content and techniques of the short film were commended by the judges. 
The narrator of the short film, Be said, “We really want to thank our teachers for encouraging us to join the competition and providing valuable feedback so that we could apply what we have learned in class and receive recognition for our hard work.”  Marco continued, “Our team was very surprised to win the award. We hope that we can put our plan into action if we have the resources and the ability in the future.”
To watch the promotional video of Cardboard Maker, please click here
The annual Asia Social Innovation Award event aims to promote social entrepreneurship and provide a platform for cross-country networking and expertise exchanges for idea-stage entrepreneurs, to assist with their implementation of ideas and innovations.

傳理學院綜合傳播管理學四年級同學鄭詠琪、張鈴欣、鍾家豪、馮曉晴、陸彩瑜組成的團隊,構思成立社企「Cardboard Maker」,冀扭轉大眾對拾荒者的負面印象,並以短片宣傳計劃,在「亞洲社企創新獎2017」中獲頒「最佳多媒體奬」。
團隊遂構思成立名為「Cardboard Maker」的社企,希望於中、小學舉辦紙皮循環再用工作坊,然後逐步開放予公眾人士參加,從而改變大眾對拾荒者的態度,並喚起社會對他們的關注。工作坊的收益則會用於協助拾荒者改善工作條件及提供相關工具。
團隊亦製作了片長3分鐘的動畫介紹「Cardboard Maker」的願景和執行細節,其內容和表達技巧獲評審團一致讚賞。擔任旁白的張鈴欣說:「非常感謝老師鼓勵我們去參賽和提供意見,讓我們實踐課堂所學,並且得到認同。」鍾家豪續說,團隊對於獲獎感到非常驚喜,將來如果有資源和能力,希望可以將計劃付諸實行。

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