Guests share their thoughts on film industry at the Masterclass cum Kick-off Ceremony: (From left) Mr Ng Siu-hin, Ms Tam Wai-ching and Mr Lam Kin-hung


Date: 05 Mar 2018 (Monday)


Academy of Film launches 7th Seeds Project at Masterclass-cum-Kick-off Ceremony


The 7th “INNO-Action! HKBU Academy of Film Seeds Project”, organised by the Academy of Film (AF) of the School of Communication under the sponsorship of Create Hong Kong of the HKSAR Government, officially kicked off on 3 March. 
Officiating at the ceremony were: Miss Loretta Yuen, Principal Management Service Officer of the Efficiency Unit of the HKSAR Government; Mr Lam Kin-hung, Project Coordinator of the Seeds Project and Senior Lecturer of AF; director and scriptwriter Ms Tam Wai-ching; and actor Mr Ng Siu-hin. 
The theme of this year’s Seeds Project is “Imagination Unlimited”. In his speech delivered at the kick-off ceremony, Mr Lam encouraged participating students to try something new when they are still young and think outside the box to bring about more ingenious possibilities.
A masterclass was held on the same occasion with the director and scriptwriter and the actor of the film In Your Dreams, Ms Tam Wai-ching and Mr Ng Siu-hin as guest speakers. They shared their experience with the audience who gained valuable insights into techniques in film creation and production.
The Seeds Project aims at nurturing the creativity of secondary school students and enhancing their aesthetic appreciation and artistic knowledge. It also aims to enable them to understand the film and video production industry and provide them with a platform for interaction and exchange. The 7th Seeds Project will last for one year with a range of activities including a masterclass, a lecture on documentary film, video production workshops, a digital short video competition, industry and extended learning experience occasions, and more. 
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