On behalf of the team, Martini Wong (left) receives the award certificate from Jobable CEO Mr Richard Hanson

黃國健同學(左)代表隊伍從Jobable行政總裁Richard Hanson先生手中接過獎狀

Date: 08 Feb 2018 (Thursday)


Business students win scholarship award for creative green business plan

工商管理學生展營商智慧 贏創業獎學金

School of Business duo, Martini Wong (Marketing, Year 3) and Kelvin So (Information Systems and e-Business Management, Year 4), recently won a scholarship award amounting to US$1,500 from local online career platform Jobable. The award is given to students who demonstrate entrepreneurial techniques and business acumen in their creative online business plan.

The business plan of team “Ceres”, formed by Martini and Kelvin, proposed the idea of developing local agriculture. They created a page on social media platform (https://www.facebook.com/Ceres-GreenLife-Product-437817519949165/) to sell a variety of seeds such as oregano, chamomile and kale to foreign and local farmers with the aim of developing local agriculture as a high value-added industry and promoting a green lifestyle. The judge, Jobable CEO Mr Richard Hanson, praised the team for its creative idea which can help arouse public awareness on environmental protection and healthy lifestyle, and convey the importance of green resources in Hong Kong. The business plan developed by the HKBU students stood out from more than 100 applications and was selected as the sole winner of the scholarship.
The team was delighted to receive the scholarship award and would like to thank the HKBU student interest club Enactus and every department that provided full support to students in developing their start-up. They considered that motivation and resources matter more than financial assistance.

國健與建峯組成隊伍「谷神」,他們的企案以發展香港農業為題,透過於網上社交平台設立專頁 (https://www.facebook.com/Ceres-GreenLife-Product-437817519949165/),售賣不同品種的種子予海外和本地農民,如牛至油、洋甘菊、雨衣甘藍等,將具本土特色的農業包裝成一種高增值的行業,並藉此向市民推廣綠色生活。評審Jobable行政總裁Richard Hanson先生讚揚二人的企案別具特色,喚起社會大眾的環保健康意識,同時亦有效帶出綠色資源的重要性。浸大同學的創意企案最後成功從逾百個參賽項目中脫穎而出,成為唯一獲選贏得獎學金的項目。