Performative drawing “Back and forth” by Tiffany Law is showcased after the ceremony

羅巧彤在場內表演行為繪畫「Back and forth」

One of the works presents the Hong Kong experience to visitors from around the world


Date: 06 Feb 2018 (Tuesday)


Emerging visual artists’ creations showcased at art and cultural hub of Germany


At the fourth collaborative exhibition with International Art Moves (IAM), 17 emerging artists from Academy of Visual Arts (AVA) of HKBU showcased their artworks. The exhibition “Weight Watcher” held in Berlin, Germany from 5 to 15 January 2018 centred on the topic of weight watching on an international, political and societal level.

The works of art comprises diverse media that shares an interest in interaction, forming points of entry into a conversation on art between engaged artists, curators and spectators. Their visions were realised through their personal and collective experiences of life lived in relation to self and power, and reflected their responsibility towards a shared future.

“Weight Watcher” was a showcase of an intensive workshop conducted at the Academy by founders of IAM, Martin Müller and Anne Müller in the summer of 2017, when students had full sight on professional art curation. To plan the exhibition from scratch, participants had a chance to gain hands-on financial planning, exhibition design, promotion and communication, logistical arrangements and team coordination. The six AVA artists including Carmen Cheng, Chim Chi-ho, Tiffany Law, Li Hiuwa, Tom Chung-man and Mandy Wong joined the founders again in Berlin and together they actualised the exhibition in Kunstquartier Bethanien, an influential centre for contemporary art in the cultural melting pot of Berlin Kreuzberg.

Director of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office Berlin Ms Betty Ho and Associate Professor of AVA Mr Peter Benz showed their support at the event’s opening.

Through the exhibition, artists and visitors from around the globe shared a genuine in-depth intercultural exchange. “Weight Watcher” created a platform for possibilities, where political issues and cultural diversity were brought into conversations and presented the vibrancy of emerging artists. With the support from international organisations, the exhibition has received encouraging comments.

浸大視覺藝術院17位年輕藝術家,於1月5至15日在德國柏林舉辦「Weight Watcher」展覽。借「體重管理」為比喻,藝術家探討國際、政治及社會上的各種限制。展覽透過多元媒介邀請觀眾及市民互動,一同在藝術的命題上對話,呈現創作者對自身及社會未來的想法。

展覽是第四屆浸大視覺藝術院與 International Art Moves (IAM) 工作坊的合作成果。由IAM創辦人Martin Müller及Anne Müller,於 2017年夏天展開為期一星期的訓練,帶領藝術家一同策展,整個團隊經歷五個月的專業籌備,協力財務、展覽設計、宣傳、後勤安排等工作。當中六位藝術家鄭珈汶、詹志豪、羅巧彤、李曉華、譚頌汶、王濰,代表前往柏林,於柏林十字山區文化交匯處的當代藝術中心 Kunstquartier Bethanien 實踐構思。