Coaches and athletes share their experience with participants


The Department of Physical Education organises the seminar to increase knowledge on sexual harassment prevention


Date: 06 Feb 2018 (Tuesday)


Department of Physical Education holds seminar to raise awareness of protecting young athletes against sexual harassment


The Department of Physical Education and Hong Kong Coaching Committee jointly organised a seminar entitled “Protect Young Athletes Against Sexual Harassment” on 1 February, with an aim to increase the awareness of practitioners in the sport and education sectors about sexual harassment and ways to prevent it.
Dr Ferrick Chu, Director of Policy, Research and Training Division of the Equal Opportunities Commission; Professor Leung Mee-lee, Adjunct Professor of the Department of Physical Education of HKBU; Mr Sam Wong, Executive Director, Hong Kong Amateur Hockey Club; and Dr Trisha Leahy, Chief Executive of Hong Kong Sports Institute were invited as keynote speakers of the Seminar. They spoke about issues related to sexual harassment from different angles such as research, policy making, organisations, and athletes. 
In addition, Mr Roy Chan, coach for athletes with disabilities, and Miss Tsang Sze-nga (secondary school teacher, HKBU alumni) as well as athletes Daniel Chan, (para-badminton, HKBU Physical Education and Recreation Management, Year 2), Miss Angel Wong (artistic gymnastics, HKBU alumni) shared their experience and thoughts at the seminar. 
Nearly 450 participants including coaches, athletes, primary and secondary teachers and tertiary institute students learnt more about sexual harassment and ways to prevent it from the seminar. Professor Chung Pak-kwong, Head of the Department of Physical Education said HKBU was very pleased to have the opportunity to give impetus to sport development, protect the rights of practitioners in the sport and education sectors and create a respectful and safe environment for youngsters to enjoy sports.
The Department also published an educational leaflet which explains the definition of sexual harassment, lists out examples, highlights the need for organisations to establish guidelines, and provides tips for coaches and athletes so that stakeholders and members of the public can better understand the issue.