Mr Huang Hang’s graduation project competes at Kinoproba, the International Festival-Workshop of Film Schools in Russia.


Date: 29 Nov 2017 (Wednesday)


Academy of Film graduate project selected for international film festival competition


A Gong, a graduation short film project directed and written by a graduate of the School of Communication’s Academy of Film Mr Huang Hang (Master of Fine Arts in Film, Television and Digital Media), has been chosen to compete for awards at Kinoproba, the 14th International Festival-Workshop of Film Schools in Russia.
A Gong is a dark comedy about a paralysed old man and a young man with cognitive disability making their escape from a nursing home. The old man was sent to the nursing home because his family was too busy and could not take care of him. Their adventurous escape journey begins when the old man gets frustrated after failing to find a lighter anywhere to light a cigarette. In desperation, they band together and run away. 
Explaining the inspiration for the film, Mr Huang said, “It is actually based on the story of my grandfather, who has been living in the nursing home for many years. Just like in the film, he is paralysed and yearns to come home.” Though the storyline would not likely occur in real life, Mr Huang wishes to bring his grandfather home. 
Mr Huang also hopes that people could show more care towards their elderly loved ones by spending more time with them. “The actors are ordinary people and they are not professionals, so they truly reveal how lonely and miserable the characters in the film are.” To strengthen the message the director wanted to deliver, all the interviews in the film are of real people telling their story. 
Kinoproba takes place annually in December, offering students from film schools around the world myriad programmes such as a film competition, workshops and master classes. 

導演黃航的創作靈感來自於祖父的親身經驗,他說:「爺爺因為半身癱瘓而在護理院住了很多年,但總是希望回家。」因此,縱使現實並不允許,他仍然希望透過短片讓祖父回家。除此之外,他更希望帶出多關心和陪伴老人家的訊息,他說: 「電影中所有演員都不是專業藝人,更能真實地反映角色孤獨和悲慘的一面。」為了加強訊息的表達,黃航表示,電影中的採訪內容全部都是真實的。