(From left) Vice-President (Teaching and Learning) Dr Albert Chau, President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Roland Chin, Vice-President (Administration) and Secretary Mr Andy Lee, Vice-President (Research and Development) Professor Rick Wong and Provost Professor Clayton MacKenzie introduce the HKBU Institutional Strategic Plan (2018-2028)


Date: 28 Nov 2017 (Tuesday)


Ten-year Strategic Plan sets to turn HKBU into a leading liberal arts University in Asia for the world


HKBU announces today its 10-year Institutional Strategic Plan (ISP) of turning itself into a leading, research-led, liberal arts University in Asia for the world delivering academic excellence in a caring, creative and global culture. The University will focus on three strategic clusters of strength — Creative Media and Practice, Health and Drug Discovery, as well as Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence — to maximise knowledge output and impact in the coming 10 years.
HKBU is also launching the Talent100 scheme with the aim of recruiting 100 new academic staff globally over the next three to five years to strengthen teaching and research. 
President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Roland Chin said, “The ISP 2018-2028 is a defining expression of HKBU’s collective aspiration and at the same time a clear plan of action to achieve the aspiration, grounded in HKBU’s Caring, Creative and Global DNAs. It sets out a comprehensive list of goals that will both re-dedicate HKBU to its historic mission and transform the institution over the next 10 years”.
To fulfil the aspirations of the ISP, HKBU will focus its energies and resources on three strategic priorities. The first one is to deliver the best student experience in Hong Kong by emphasising integrity, creativity, communication, employability, and commitment to the common good of humankind. This is to be achieved by enhancing and enriching students’ learning both on- and off-campus.
Secondly, teaching and research excellence at HKBU will extend the frontiers of knowledge and tackle global challenges. The University will raise the bar of excellence by conducting world-leading research in selected areas of strength and impact. The overarching institutional research clusters that have been identified are: 
Creative Media and Practice. This covers areas in which HKBU has gained a reputation as pioneers and leaders, such as film, graphics, literary arts, music, and visual and media arts. 
Health and Drug Discovery. HKBU has contributed to the solution of global problems, most notably in the field of healthcare, for example Chinese medicine, chemistry, microbiology, ageing, and physical education. 
Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in applications such as Fintech, data-journalism and digital humanities to cope with the unprecedented developments in big data, the Internet and artificial intelligence. 
The third priority is capacity. HKBU will continue investing in its most valuable resource — its people. The objective in this area is to sustain academic and research excellence through appropriate investments in people, governance, and facilities, as well as building capacity through schemes such as Talent100.
Professor Chin said the Plan was approved by the University Council after in-depth discussions and thorough consultations with the HKBU community and various stakeholders. He thanked all University members for their contribution to the formulation of the ISP and support towards its implementation.
Please click here to view the abridged version of the ISP (2018-2028).