KTO showcases four innovative projects by HKBU at the exhibition


Participants learn which types of soup are healthy for different seasons through the virtual reality game


Date: 01 Nov 2017 (Wednesday)


HKBU promotes smart living with Chinese medicine and innovative technologies at InnoCarnival

浸大參與創新科技嘉年華 展示中醫藥與智慧生活

The School of Chinese Medicine (SCM) and Knowledge Transfer Office (KTO) took part in the InnoCarnival 2017 organised by the Innovation and Technology Commission at the Science Park in Shatin from 21 to 29 October 2017. The exhibition managed by HKBU was based on the theme “Chinese Medicine and Smart Living” with the aim of demonstrating how one could maintain a healthy lifestyle by adopting the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine and introducing the latest innovative technologies of HKBU.

KTO showcased four new patented inventions by HKBU at the exhibition, namely Lip-password: Double Security System for Identity Authentication, A Mobile-based Fatigue Driving Detection and Alarm System, Autologous Neural Stem Cell Harvest, and Personal Health Monitoring and Gait Force Imaging System. Through display panels and video clips, visitors were able to learn more about the basic mechanisms and impacts of these inventions which may in turn arouse their interest and spur creativity in the local innovation and technology industry.

SCM, on the other hand, introduced a variety of Chinese medicine healthcare knowledge on maintaining a healthy diet, Qigong exercises and acupuncture. A few interactive edutainment activities were also held at the exhibition to provide visitors with a rich Chinese medicine cultural experience, and they involved an e-learning acupuncture software, a tai chi somatosensory game, a mobile app that introduces 10 local cultural attractions featuring Chinese medicine, and a virtual reality game. In addition, SCM experts and scholars also delivered a series of Chinese medicine seminars to introduce the use of Chinese medicine for the prevention and treatment of insomnia, constipation, emotional illnesses of the elderly, bone and joint diseases, and low back pain.

The exhibition was supported by the Innovation and Technology Fund and Beijing Tong Ren Tang Chinese Medicine Company Limited.