Dr Caleb Chen (second from right) and Professor Allan Chan (centre) receive the award


Date: 06 Oct 2017 (Friday)


Business scholars win first runner-up prize in International Case Writing Competition


Dr Caleb Chen and Professor Allan Chan of the Chinese Businesses Case Centre, School of Business, won the First Runner-up Award in the 23rd CEEMAN Case Writing Competition (2017).

The case study, entitled “From Asia to Africa: The International Expansion of Hon Chuan Enterprise”, describes Hon Chuan Enterprise’s international expansion in emerging markets including Mainland China, Southeast Asia and Africa. As an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) in beverage packaging and filling, the Taiwan-based company had been seeking new markets for business transformation – developing its own brands of beverages. Africa became the new battlefield for achieving their ambition. In their case study, Dr Chen and Professor Chan presented the challenges and dilemmas faced by the company and its strategies.

Headquartered in Europe, CEEMAN is a global network of management development institutions interested in quality of education and innovations in this field.


陳博士與陳教授的案例研究題為「From Asia to Africa: The International Expansion of Hon Chuan Enterprise」,講述台灣宏全集團的國際化拓展,業務邁向新興市場,包括中國大陸、東南亞及最新的非洲市場。作為從事飲料包裝及充填的代工企業,宏全一直嘗試尋找新市場轉型開發自家品牌,而非洲則成為這個夢想的新戰場。得獎案例探討了宏全面對的挑戰和其策略。