"The (Science of) Cocoon” explores the mother-daughter relationship

《The (Science of) Cocoon》探討母女關係

“NOS” is about the friendship between two teenage girls


Date: 14 Sep 2017 (Thursday)


Academy of Film graduates’ creations selected for screening at China film festival  


School of Communication’s Academy of Film (AF) 2016 graduates, Eleanor Li (Film and Media Arts) and Heung Yuen-tung (Professional Programme in Film) were selected to screen their graduate short film projects at the fifth China Women Film Festival (CWFF). 
“The (Science of) Cocoon”, written and directed by Eleanor, reflects on the mother-daughter relationship through an imaginative storyline. A mother ate her daughter after being in a troubled relationship with her for many years. This act gave the daughter a chance to journey around her mother’s womb. Soon she realised it was not her mother, but the cocoon created by herself that had shaped her. After a long process of struggling with herself, she eventually broke out of the cocoon and became free. 
Eleanor went to the United Kingdom to take theatre and cinema courses at Aberystwyth University with a hope to further develop her skill in the arts and cinema. She said that as a film student, she should not be restricted to a particular way of storytelling and should experiment a lot. She said, “I want to explore the possibilities of telling a story through various media, such as theatre, film and video installation.” 
“NOS”, another selected short film was written and directed by Heung Yuen-tung. It tells the story of a friendship between two teenage girls, Hazel and Chantry, who seemed destined to become friends when they first met in secondary six. However, upon graduation they lost contact and never met again. 
The film was inspired by her experience. Yuen-tung said, “The film production process was like having a conversation with myself, in which I would recall the happy moments I spent with those I love, with memories I wish to keep close to my heart.”
CWFF, which takes place annually in mid-September in Beijing with United Nations Women as a partner, is dedicated to cultivating female film talents from China’s film industry. Through the medium of film, it aspires to strengthen women’s rights and raise social awareness on gender inequality in China.

李秋影執導及編寫的《The (Science of) Cocoon》,以獨特的說故事技巧,並透過現代舞去探討母女之間的關係。經過多年的齬齟,母親吃掉了女兒,女兒則藉此穿梭於母親的子宮,但駭然發現困境皆為作繭自縛,經過一輪自我掙扎,終於逃脫並獲得自由。