Chan Yee-man and Ma Yuen-ting win bronze with their report on “nano flats”


Lau Tsz-lam decides she wants to be a reporter upon graduation


Date: 16 Aug 2017 (Wednesday)


Journalism students win honours in Consumer Rights Reporting Awards


The School of Communication’s Chan Yee-man and Ma Yuen-ting (Chinese Journalism Year 4) won the bronze prize, and schoolmate Lau Tsz-lam (Broadcast Journalism Year 3) won the merit award in the Campus Category of the 17th Consumer Rights Reporting Awards (CRRA).  
The bronze prize–winning report by Yee-man and Yuen-ting discussed issues concerning “nano flats”, the newly developing residences with a very small area. They not only had a large amount of data to analyse, they also had to work closely with other teams to design an interactive game in which players try to fit their furniture into a tiny flat. 
Yuen-ting said the most difficult part of their report was finding interviewees who live in nano flats to come out and speak, as most of the residences had not been completed and the owners did not regard such flats as very nice and hence refused to be interviewed. Luckily however, an interior designer who provided them with a professional view lives in a nano flat. Yuen-ting said that from having worked on their report, she has learnt how to analyse issues from different perspectives. She plans to explore the world before deciding on her eventual development path.  
Tsz-lam’s winning report was about the many pharmacies in Hong Kong that use the “NO FAKES” signage without official approval and are therefore suspected of misleading consumers. She and her teammate conducted a sting operation in a suspicious pharmacy but the owner saw through their ruse immediately. However the owner was impressed by the team’s sincerity and asked one of the shopkeepers to give an interview and explain details to them.     
Tsz-lam gained a great sense of achievement from the reporting and came to realise that news stories can be found everywhere if you pay attention to detail and do not give up easily. She decided she wants to be a reporter. She learnt from working on the news report that she has to be efficient, flexible and responsible at the work place, and most importantly, she must dare to try, not be too sensitive and not hold back for fear of making mistakes.
The CRRA is organised by the Consumer Council in association with the Hong Kong Journalists Association and the Hong Kong Press Photographers Association to pay tribute to journalistic excellence in consumer rights issues and concerns.