Tsang Po-yi (seventh from right) says it was difficult to find a suitable location for filming. They finally persuaded a bakery owner to lend the shop by demonstrating their sincerity and their film’s positive theme.


Polly (fifth from right) and Cheng Yun-tin (centre) say the team will continue to enter competitions in order to accumulate filming experience.


Date: 01 Aug 2017 (Tuesday)


Academy of Film students win honours in short film competition


Students of the Higher Diploma in Creative Film Production of Academy of Film won first and second runner-up awards in the Post-secondary division of the Beautiful Hong Kong Short Film Program. 
The first runner-up winning film, “Handmade Bread”, was produced by Tsang Po-yi, Kwok Tsz-ching, Dang Chin-lung, Wong Man-hei, Leung Tik-sum, Tong Ho-yin, Law Yuk-chuen, Cheng Chun-sing, Chim Ka-lok and Kong Yee-ching. It is about a traditional bakery that was close to shutting down because customers preferred the style and taste of new makes of bread, and also because of high rent. The film’s main character, a graduate returning from Taiwan, sought to save the bakery through creative ideas, hard work and the power of the media.   
Director Tsang Po-yi said the film not only spoke of the spirit of Lion Rock, but also touched on people’s frustrations about change and the conflicts between generations. The team was particularly happy about the award and expressed special thanks to Guest Lecturer Mr Tomy Wai, who helped to enhance the film’s sound effects. The team will continue to enter short film competitions in order to put their creative ideas into practice and improve their skills and standards.    
“22.3°N, 114.1°E”, the second runner-up award winner, was co-directed by Polly Choi and Cheng Yun-tin with a production team comprising Fung Ka-tsun, Lee Long-ching, Wan Chun-tak, Ip Tsz-wing, Pang Sing-man, Yuen Wan-loi, Qureshi Mohammad Talha and Wong Cheuk-yin. The film is in three parts. In the first the main character works as a tattoo artist despite her father’s objections; in the second a blind masseur provides voluntary services to underprivileged people; and finally a public donation is raised for a fireman killed on duty. 
Polly said that the film aims to demonstrate the unique qualities of Hong Kong people in daring to pursue their dreams while also being compassionate and caring. She admitted that her team was accustomed to producing films that are only four to five minutes long, so to make one this time lasting 20 minutes was quite a challenge.  However by making the longer film they gained valuable experience of lighting, editing and also how to share the different tasks among team members.      
The Beautiful Hong Kong Short Film Program was organised by the Federation of Hong Kong Filmmakers, Jockey Club Media 21 and nine film companies with the goal of illustrating the beautiful aspects of Hong Kong from the perspective of young people. 

《美麗香港‧人情事》短片拍攝計劃,由香港電影工作者總會、香港青年協會賽馬會Media 21媒體空間和九間電影公司合辦,期望從多角度呈現青年人眼中的美麗香港。