Tony Chan (second from left) takes the first prize in the New Generation 2017 competition


Date: 28 Jul 2017 (Friday)


Music student wins championship in young composers’ competition


Tony Chan (Music, Year 4) recently won the Champion Prize in the New Generation 2017, a young composers’ competition, with his piece “Fearing the Shadow”.

According to Tony, “Fearing the Shadow” is from a Chinese idiom which means mistaking the shadow of a bow (for shooting arrows) in one’s cup for a snake. He said it is a false alarm that makes a person extremely frightened, and this “irrational fear’ is usually a result of being overly sensitive. The piece describes his unexplained anxiety, depression, anger, irritability and mental confusion this year.

Tony would like to thank Associate Head of the Department of Music Dr Christopher Coleman for providing him with much advice and support. He would also like to express his sincerest gratitude to the Hong Kong Composer’s Guild for encouraging young composers in Hong Kong by organising the competition.

In the same competition, another Music student, Rita Yung, made it to the final round with her piece “Ripple”.