Secondary school students enrich their knowledge of Chinese medicine and experience life as a university student at the summer camps


Lecturer I of the Teaching and Research Division Dr Guo Ping (right) introduces the participants to different varieties of Chinese herbal medicines

中藥模擬課堂讓參加者在教學科研部一級講師郭平博士 (右) 帶領下觀察各種中藥材

Participants learn about the human meridian system and acupoints through experiments at a lecture


Date: 27 Jul 2017 (Thursday)


Secondary school students enrich their knowledge of Chinese medicine at summer camps


The School of Chinese Medicine (SCM) organised two summer exploration day camps on 20 and 25 July to promote Chinese medicine knowledge and enable secondary school students to get a taste of university life. Through introductory lectures, simulated experiments and a variety of games and visits, a total of 106 secondary four and five students had an opportunity to learn about Chinese medicine and the latest developments in the Chinese medicine industry. 

This is the 11th year that the SCM organised the summer camps. Activities at the camps included lectures on Chinese medicine and experiments related to acupuncture, tui na therapy, identifying Chinese herbal medicines, the phytochemistry of Chinese materia medica and physiology. SCM students also shared their learning experience with the participants, giving them further insights into university life.