Joey Chan (first from right) represents Hong Kong and wins the championship for the seventh year in a row


Joey Chan (front) manages to stay calm during the intense competition


Date: 25 Jul 2017 (Tuesday)


Physical Education student tops at East Asian Squash Championships  


Joey Chan (Physical Education and Recreation Management, Year 1) competed in the East Asian Squash Championships as a member of the Hong Kong team and won a gold medal for the seventh consecutive year.
Joey said that the championships were previously held overseas but this year Hong Kong was the host, giving her and the team a hometown advantage. However there were still psychological hurdles to overcome so the training in the past few months focused not only on their playing skills but also on enhancing their mental strength.  
Most international competitions are divided into individual men’s and women’s events, or events for country and city teams. However in the East Asian Squash Championships the events are only for country or city teams. Joey said that with Hong Kong’s bigger team, there were opportunities for more comprehensive collaboration among her teammates, which generated a strong team spirit.  
Joey is now competing in the squash World Games in Poland and her goal is to become one of the top four players.