International experts of Old Chinese phonology and paleography gather at the HKBU conference


Professor Zhengzhang Shangfang, aged 84, elaborates in a keynote speech on the significance of “derivative cognates” in studying Old Chinese phonology


Date: 21 Jul 2017 (Friday)


International linguists exchange views on integration of Old Chinese phonology and paleography at HKBU

中外語言專家雲集浸大 探討上古音與古文字整合研究

With the aim of deepening and promoting the integrated study of Old Chinese phonology and paleography, the HKBU Jao Tsung-I Academy and the Department of Chinese Language and Literature of the University of Macau co-organised the first-ever International Conference on the Integration of Old Chinese Phonology and Paleography. Twenty-five experts from around the world presented their latest findings and shared their insights on this topic at the two-part conference, held at HKBU on 15 July and at the University of Macau on 16 and 17 July.

The highlight of the conference was the seven thought-provoking keynote speeches given by some of the most revered scholars in the field of Old Chinese phonology. They are Professor Zhengzhang Shangfang of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Professor Pan Wuyun of the Shanghai Normal University, Professor Chi Hsiu-sheng of the Chinese Culture University, Taiwan, Professor Axel Schuessler of Wartburg College, USA, Professor William H Baxter of the University of Michigan, USA, Professor Laurent Sagart of the Centre national de la recherche scientifique, France, and Professor Christoph Harbsmeier of the University of Oslo, Norway.

The keynote speakers have all published profusely in this highly specific field, and some have produced systems of Old Chinese reconstructions that are widely used and debated, such as the Zhengzhang-Pan system and the Baxter-Sagart system. The multilateral dialogue not only addressed issues in Old Chinese reconstruction, but also stressed the use of recently published excavated materials in reconstructing Old Chinese phonology.


是次會議共有七位主講嘉賓發表專題報告,分別是中國社會科學院鄭張尚芳教授、上海師範大學潘悟雲教授、台灣中國文化大學季旭昇教授、美國沃特堡學院許思萊教授、密歇根大學白一平教授(William H Baxter)、法國科研中心沙加爾教授(Laurent Sagart)與挪威奧斯陸大學何莫邪教授(Christoph Harbsmeier)。