Date: 12 Jul 2017 (Wednesday)


New Book by Staff (12 July )

學者新作 (7月12日)

The system of nature. The collaborative knowledge culture of eighteenth-century botany
Author: Dr Bettina Dietz, Associate Professor of Department of History
This book investigates the participatory architecture of eighteenth-century botany and, as a consequence, its collaborative publication system and form of authorship. Due to the ever increasing and potentially infinite need for information of Linnaean botany, authors – Linnaeus himself but others as well -- had to rely on aggregating information from a large number of contributors and readers in order to continuously complete and correct their works. Botany’s iterative publication mode relied on the principle of publishing early and often. As a result, books were co-produced in the framework of a collaborative publication system that shaped the botanical author as a “composite”.

Chief Editor: Dr Wong Man-kong, Associate Professor of Department of History