A total of 20 HKBU undergraduate students receive the HSBC Scholarships for their outstanding performances.


Alex Wong will study at the University of Alberta for one semester starting in September.

王竣瑋將於9月前往University of Alberta進修一個學期。

Date: 10 Jul 2017 (Monday)


Twenty outstanding HKBU students awarded HSBC scholarships


This year, 20 HKBU undergraduate students were awarded scholarships under the HSBC Scholarship Scheme for their outstanding academic performance and well-rounded development (Please click here to view the list). Among the awardees, Alex Wong (Applied Biology, Year 2) received the HSBC Overseas Scholarship of HK$180,000 as a result of a keen competition and became one of only four awardees in Hong Kong this year.

Alex will study at the University of Alberta in Canada for one semester starting in September. He said, “I am interested in studying immunology, infection and genetics, and wish to learn from the outstanding scholars and fellow students in Canada. I hope to maintain a long-term relationship with them to keep me abreast of international developments in biological science.”

Alex, who is also an athlete competing in many swimming competitions, believes that his good time management is how he impressed the award judges. “I have reached a satisfying balance between my academic performance, sports development, and part-time teaching. The two years at HKBU have been fruitful for me not just because of the number of scholarships I received or my achievements, but also because I have identified the direction I am going to take in my future.” Alex would like to thank the support he received from the HKBU Department of Biology, in particular from Programme Director Dr Danny Ng who provided much guidance and recommendations.


竣瑋獲頒港幣180,000元,他將於9月到加拿大University of Alberta進修一個學期。他說:「我有興趣修讀免疫學、傳染病與遺傳學,並希望向當地出色的學者和同學學習。我亦冀望與他們保持長遠的關係,讓我可繼續了解生物科學的國際發展。」