Professor Michael Ng is awarded the 12th Feng Kang Prize of Scientific Computing.


Date: 05 Jul 2017 (Wednesday)


HKBU mathematician Professor Michael Ng recognised for distinguished achievement in scientific computing


Professor Michael Ng Kwok-po, Head and Chair Professor of the Department of Mathematics of HKBU, has been awarded the 12th Feng Kang Prize of Scientific Computing by the Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Professor Ng was selected in recognition of his significant contributions in numerical linear algebra for solving structured linear systems, mathematical and computational methods in image processing. He will be presented with the honour during the General Assembly of the China Society for Computational Mathematics to be held in Xian, China, from 21 to 23 July.

Professor Ng said, “Most areas of science, engineering and medicine are becoming dependent on mathematical and computational methodologies. I would like to encourage students to become scientists who can move easily between disciplines and deal with the complexity of problems.’’

Professor Ng’s research endeavours cover scientific computing, numerical algebra and imaging sciences. His research has a variety of applications, including in data science and bioinformatics.

This year, Professor Ng and Professor Ruo Li of Peking University received the honour. The Feng Kang Prize of Scientific Computing has been awarded to young Chinese scientists in China and abroad every two years since 1995 for their significant contributions to scientific computing.

The Prize is dedicated to the memory of the late Professor Feng Kang, the founder and pioneer of Chinese computational mathematics, whose work on sympletic methods was awarded the First Prize of National Natural Science Award of China.