Professor Sir J Fraser Stoddart (centre) shares his insights at an HKBU Distinguished Lecture.


Date: 14 Jun 2017 (Wednesday)


Nobel Laureate Professor Fraser Stoddart shares insights at HKBU distinguished lecture


The Nobel Laureate in Chemistry in 2016, Professor Sir J Fraser Stoddart, gave an HKBU Distinguished Lecture on “The Nature of The Mechanical Bond: Mingling Art and Science” on 6 June. More than 120 guests including scholars, staff and students attended.

In his lecture Professor Stoddart, who is the Board of Trustees Professor of Chemistry at Northwestern University, USA, illustrated the nature of the mechanical bond through interlocked molecules. Interlocked molecules can be utilised as the basic components for making molecular machines. Professor Stoddart also described, by the controlled self-assembly process, the synthesis of molecular Borromean rings that resemble the coat of arms of the Borromeo family, Christianity’s holy trinity symbol, and many other icons found in historical sculptures.

The lecture was jointly organised by the Department of Chemistry, the Faculty of Science, Institute of Creativity, and the HKBU State Key Laboratory of Environmental and Biological Analysis.

2016年諾貝爾化學獎得主斯托達特教授 (Professor Sir J Fraser Stoddart) 在6月6日於浸大的傑出學人講座上主講「The Nature of The Mechanical Bond: Mingling Art and Science」,超過120位學者和師生出席。

斯托達特教授是美國西北大學化學理事會教授,他在講座中說明了機械鍵在互鎖分子中的性質。互鎖分子可以用作製造分子機器的基本組分。斯托達特教授還通過受控的自組裝過程製造出三環互鎖分子(Borromean Ring)。Borromean符號來自Borromeo家族的家族徽章,在一些歷史雕塑和基督教三位一體符號也會出現。