Chair of ISO/TC 249 Dr David Graham delivers his speech at the welcoming ceremony

ISO/TC 249主席David Graham博士於開幕典禮上致辭

More than 200 experts and scholars gather at HKBU to take part in the plenary meeting of the International Organisation for Standardisation/Technical Committee 249 on Traditional Chinese Medicine


Date: 05 Jun 2017 (Monday)


SCM hosts plenary meeting of International Organisation of Traditional Chinese Medicine


The School of Chinese Medicine (SCM) is currently hosting the eighth plenary meeting of the International Organisation for Standardisation/Technical Committee 249 on Traditional Chinese Medicine (ISO/TC 249) on campus from 5 to 8 June. This is the first time that Hong Kong is hosting the plenary meeting of this organisation.

Attending the meeting are 206 delegates from 14 countries and regions, 18 representatives of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies as well as current and former ministerial and provincial officials. The meetings will hear a report on the organisation’s Strategic Business Plan, reports on the progress of its work and new proposals by its six Working Groups.

Officiating at the welcoming ceremony of the opening plenary meeting were Chair of ISO/TC 249 Dr David Graham, HKBU Vice-President (Teaching and Learning) Dr Albert Chau, Biotechnology Director of HKSAR Government’s Innovation and Technology Commission Dr Cecilia Pang, and Deputy Director-General of the Department of International Cooperation of Mainland’s State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine Mr Zhu Haidong.

Speaking at the ceremony, Dr Chau said: “Hong Kong is privileged to host the eighth plenary meeting of ISO/TC 249. While Hong Kong, a place where East meets West, is an important window for China's international collaboration and exchange, HKBU is a key player in the field of Chinese medicine in Hong Kong, in particular in education, research, health care services and the standardisation and internationalisation of Chinese medicine. The hosting of the meeting demonstrates the unique contribution SCM and Hong Kong can make in connecting experts from different parts of the world and contributing to the standardisation and advancement of Chinese medicine for the benefit of mankind.”

Dean of SCM Professor Lyu Aiping heads the China delegation of more than 100 delegates at the meeting, having served in that position since the establishment of ISO/TC 249 in 2009. SCM was designated by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine as a support unit for the joint working group of ISO/TC 249 and ISO/TC 215 in 2014. In that capacity, the School is responsible for conducting studies on international standards of Chinese medicine informatics and performing related coordination work.

The scope of ISO/TC 249 includes standardisation in the field of medical systems derived from ancient Chinese medicine, and covers both traditional and modern aspects of these systems. The Technical Committee focuses on the quality and safety of raw materials, manufactured products, medical devices and informatics.

中醫藥學院於6月5至8日在校園舉辦第八屆國際標準化組織中醫藥技術委員會(ISO/TC 249) 全體大會,是香港首次擔任該國際組織全體大會的東道主。

出席會議者包括來自14個國家和地區的206名代表、世界中醫藥學會聯合會18名代表,以及現任及前任省局級官員。ISO/TC 249將於全體大會上收到關於策略工作計劃的報告,以及其六個工作小組的工作進度報告、工作計劃和新建議。

全體大會開幕儀式的主禮嘉賓包括ISO/TC 249主席David Graham博士、浸大副校長(教與學)周偉立博士、香港特區政府創新科技署生物科技總監彭慧冰博士與國家中醫藥管理局國際合作司朱海東副司長。

周偉立博士在致歡迎辭時說:「香港很榮幸能夠舉辦第八屆ISO/TC 249會議,香港中西文化薈萃,是中國對外交流合作的一個主要視窗,浸大則在香港中醫藥界別擔當重要角色,特別是在中醫藥教育、科研、醫療服務、標準化及國際化等方面積極貢獻。我們有幸舉辦今次會議,展現中醫藥學院及香港在中醫藥標準化和國際化的進程所扮演的獨特角色,就是匯聚來自世界各地的專家共同制訂中醫藥的國際標準,促進中醫藥發展與人類健康。」

中醫藥學院院長呂愛平教授率領逾百中國代表團成員出席第八屆ISO/TC 249全體大會。自ISO/TC 249於2009年成立以來,他一直擔任中國代表團團長。學院於2014年獲國家中醫藥管理局確定為ISO/TC 249及國際標準化組織健康資訊技術委員會(ISO/TC 215)聯合工作組中方依託單位,負責中醫藥資訊相關國際標準的研究及協調工作。

ISO/TC 249的工作範疇包括對源遠流長的中醫藥,包括傳統中醫藥和現代化中醫藥的醫療系統制訂標準,目前主要專注於原材料、製成品、醫療儀器及醫療信息的質量和安全性。