Mark Tan (second from left) wins the title of young player of the year


Date: 26 May 2017 (Friday)


Physical Education student wins young football player of the year title 


Mark Tan (Physical Education and Recreation Management, Year 3) won the title of young player of the year from the Hong Kong Football Association and his excellent performance earned him selection for the Hong Kong team. 
Having just transferred to Tai Po Football Club this year, Mark was delighted to receive the award and expressed his gratitude to his family, coach, teammates and HKBU. He said, “The coach offered me a lot of opportunities to take the field, enabling me to keep up my momentum and enhance my self-confidence. HKBU fully understands athletes’ difficulties, and always provides flexibility in lessons and examinations and delegates mentors to give advice to athletes.”
It is tough to balance study and developing a football career, but Mark still insists on studying his bachelor’s programme. “The playing span of an athlete is always short and full of uncertainties, such as getting injured. I need to prepare myself well for the future so that I can work in sports-related professions or take part in training younger athletes after my retirement as a football player.”