Ms Florence Hui (fifth from right), President Roland Chin (fourth from right), Dr Daniel Tse (fifth from left), Ms Katie Chan (fourth from left), Professor Zhao Zhongzhen (third from left) and guests officiate at the premiere event


Date: 10 May 2017 (Wednesday)


Chinese medicine TV series to be broadcast from this month


To expand the “Compendium of Materia Medica” Cultural Project, the School of Chinese Medicine and the Art Concept Culture Institute jointly present “The Chinese Materia Medica for us All” TV series. The series uses a popular style to promote the culture of Chinese medicine and disseminates knowledge about high quality herbal medicines to the public. Starting on 29 May, the 120-episode TV series, with each episode two minutes long, will be aired on TVB J5 channel every weekday at 8:30 pm.

A premiere event was held on 8 May, officiated by Under Secretary for Home Affairs Ms Florence Hui, President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Roland Chin, Emeritus President Dr Daniel Tse, Dean of the School of Chinese Medicine Professor Lyu Aiping, Associate Dean Professor Zhao Zhongzhen, Honorary President of the Art Concept Culture Institute and alumna Ms Katie Chan, HKBU Century Club President Mr Kent Tsui, Director of the Jao Tsung-I Academy of Sinology Professor Chen Zhi, Chairman of Pecan Foundation Limited Dr Justin Chiu, and former President of HKBU Century Club Ms Mariana Tsang.

Professor Zhao Zhongzhen is the consultant for the programme and will jointly host it with the executive producer Ms Katie Chan. Professor Zhao will discuss contemporary topics related to the origins, natural resources, description, quality, clinical indications, and other aspects of Chinese herbal medicines. To promote Chinese Medicine culture, books and visual materials will be produced based on the TV programme and donated to higher education institutions, primary and secondary schools.