Wang Siquan will begin his Master’s degree in Harvard University in September.


Date: 04 May 2017 (Thursday)


Mathematics student admitted to Harvard University’s Master of Science programme


Wang Siquan (Statistics and Operations Research, year 4) has secured a place in the Harvard T H Chan School of Public Health at Harvard University, USA for his two-year MSc in Computational Biology and Quantitative Genetics in September 2017.

Siquan has liked Mathematics since he was a child and aspires to be a teacher. He plans to pursue a PhD in the US after he finishes this Master’s degree programme.

Siquan said that he will keep in mind the earnest teachings from HKBU. He expressed his gratitude to his supervisor Professor Chiu Sung-nok of the Department of Mathematics for the guidance and support on his research. He also thanked Professor Zhu Lixing and Professor Michael Ng for assisting his application for this Master’s degree programme, granting him a chance to pursue further studies in the US.

This year, a total of 14 Mathematics undergraduates received offers to begin their Master’s degrees in various overseas universities, including the London School of Economics and Political Science in the UK, and Columbia University, University of San Francisco, Carnegie Mellon University, Purdue University, Washington State University, Northeastern University and New York University in the US.