Lin Yan-ping (second from right) wins the Gold Award at the Outstanding Prospective Teachers Election


Date: 18 Apr 2017 (Tuesday)


HKBU student wins Gold Award in Outstanding Prospective Teachers Election


Lin Yan-ping (Chinese Language and Literature, Year 4, and Postgraduate Diploma in Education) won the Gold Award at the Outstanding Prospective Teachers Election organised by the Hong Kong Prospective Teachers’ Association.
In the election, every candidate had to submit a number of documents in the first round, such as a resume and a lesson plan.  Yan-ping handed in one of her HKBU class works. “I learned from HKBU how to design a comprehensive lesson plan, such as finding suitable documents, designing learning objectives and tools, and how to inspire students’ thinking. I can enter the second round with my class work, which has fully proved that HKBU has outstanding teaching and learning standards.”
In the second round, the candidates had to give a pilot lesson and answer questions raised by two secondary school principals. Yan-ping said that she enjoyed the pilot lesson, especially the interesting interaction with the two “students”.
Yan-ping has been working as an intern teacher and has had to handle a student with a bad attitude problem. After holding discussions and setting rules, the student’s attitude improved significantly, which gave her huge satisfaction. She admitted that at one time she felt anxious, as the workload was heavy and she wondered whether she was asking too much of herself.  However she was fortunate in receiving support and advice from colleagues, and now she has overcome the difficulties and enjoys teaching. She plans to be a teacher upon graduation so that she can put into practice what she has learnt in her studies.