Professor Eric Mazur shares innovative ideas on how to stimulate students’ deep learning at the seminar

Eric Mazur教授於講座上分享如何運用創意方法,有效激發學生的深度學習

Over 70 participants attend the seminar


Date: 06 Apr 2017 (Thursday)


Renowned Harvard scholar introduces innovative pedagogy at experience sharing seminar


Professor Eric Mazur, Balkanski Professor of Physics and Applied Physics from Harvard University, was invited by the Centre for Holistic Teaching and Learning to share on “Flat Space, Deep Learning” last Wednesday (29 March). Over 70 participants, including those from the Education Bureau and local institutions attended the seminar.

Professor Mazur’s new pedagogy aims to give students ownership of their learning through a team-based, project-based approach. Unlike traditional courses, there are no standard lectures or examinations in his course. Instead, students are required to carry out one team, open-ended project each month, with a new team being formed for each project. The course also provides opportunities for students to practise team, peer and self-assessment, as well as using the concept “blend of six best practices” for in-class activities. Students are expected to develop various generic skills, such as communication, estimation, problem solving, and team skills, in addition to a solid conceptual understanding of the materials.

Professor Mazur leads a vigorous research programme in optical physics and supervises one of the largest research groups in the Physics Department at Harvard University. In addition to his work in optical physics, he is interested in education, science policy, outreach, and public perception of science.

Professor Mazur’s talk was one of the two sessions facilitated by prestigious scholars from Harvard University. Another seminar entitled “Dialogue about Innovation in Teaching and Learning in High Performing Universities” was delivered by Dr Angélica Natera, Executive Director of LASPAU, on 28 March.

哈佛大學Balkanski物理及應用物理教授Eric Mazur於上周三(3月29日)應邀在全人教育教與學中心舉辦的講座上,與70多位來自教育局與本地大學的教職員分享「Flat Space,Deep Learning」。

Eric Mazur教授主張的新穎教學法主要是以團隊和項目為本的方式,由學生主導個人的學習模式。有別於傳統的課堂學習,他並沒有為學生安排一般的講課或考試,取而代之的是學生需於每個月自行與同學組成不同隊伍,共同參與不同的開放式課題項目。這種教學法是希望透過實踐六種最佳學習的共融模式,讓學生有機會為團隊、同儕和個人進行學習評估,繼而協助他們發展多種不同層面的技能,如溝通技巧、判斷力、解難能力、團隊合作精神,以及對教學內容的豐富認識。

Eric Mazur教授現率領一個光學物理的研究項目,並於哈佛大學物理系指導其中一個龐大的研究團隊。除了擅長於光學物理領域的研究外,他亦有志於教育、科學政策、外展與公眾對科學認知的工作。

是次講座是由哈佛大學著名學者主持的講座系列之一。另一場由LASPAU總幹事Angélica Natera博士主講的「Dialogue about Innovation in Teaching and Learning in High Performing Universities」亦於3月28日舉行。