Mr Kingsley Ng’s tram art project traverses Hong Kong Island.


The process of tram transformation, with Kingsley standing at the back.


Date: 23 Mar 2017 (Thursday)


Visual Arts scholar’s tram art project on display at world’s leading art show


The tram art project Twenty-Five Minutes Older produced by Mr Kingsley Ng, Assistant Professor of the Academy of Visual Arts of HKBU, is one of the featured public presentations of this year’s Art Basel Hong Kong.

The two Hong Kong trams which have both been transformed into a moving camera obscura offer free rides daily between Wan Chai and Sheung Wan from now through 28 March. Pre-registered passengers can ride the tram and admire the recitation of excerpts of the Chinese fiction Intersections by renowned novelist Mr Liu Yichang. This is the third time Twenty-Five Minutes Older is being showcased.

By covering the exterior of the vehicle and allowing light to enter through small pinholes, Mr Ng turned each tram into a mobile camera obscura. In such a way, passengers can enjoy the outside scenery which is projected onto the interior walls inverted and reversely.

Mr Ng said: “The same Chinese fiction Intersections was used as the framework this time, but allows passengers to understand the two fictional characters more in depth.” He said riding the iconic and historic tram amid the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong is like panning a camera along the street slowly. He said: “Seeing the city on a tram is comparable to watching traditional Chinese landscape paintings — you can be inspired to see something beyond the paintings.” He added that passengers can enjoy different experiences depending on the time of day. At night, for example, the neon lights projected into the tram give an abstract experience.

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