The drama produced by the HKBU team to promote positive energy in life wins the championship in the WeCare Fund project Best Practice Award.


Sam Wan (back row, second from left) and his team.


Date: 23 Mar 2017 (Thursday)


HKBU students’ drama promoting suicide prevention wins championship


A 19-person HKBU team called “Shall We Talk” won the championship in the Best Practice Award of the WeCare Fund project with a self-directed play written to express concerns over the suicide issue.

The HKBU team won HK$50,000 to carry out a second phase of their winning project. They plan to produce a new play comprising three stories and a self-written Chinese song to further promote positive energy in life.

Around 10 members of the winning team are HKBU Dramatics Club students. They performed a self-directed play to raise public awareness on suicide, and to inspire the audience to reflect on their role in suicide prevention. The play is made up of three parts: the first tries to find the reasons behind youth suicide and the roles of various stakeholders in society. The second part conveys the message that people around can help those in need by paying attention to the people who ask for assistance. The third part encourages connection and communication between people, and to have hope for tomorrow.

Team leader Sam Wan (Chinese Language and Literature, Year 4) said the team has been planning a new play with three parts and an original Chinese song. Sam, who learnt lyric writing skills at HKBU, added that he wants to apply his knowledge to this meaningful project.

The Best Practice Award of the WeCare Fund project was initiated by Hong Kong Jockey Club Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention of The University of Hong Kong. The project attracted entries from 10 tertiary institutions. A total of 14 selected projects were funded. These projects sought to nurture positive emotions on campuses and enhance awareness of mental health issues among youths. 

Please click here to watch the drama produced by the HKBU team.

浸大學生組成共19人的團隊「Shall we talk」,憑創作探討自殺的話劇,早前在香港大學香港賽馬會防止自殺研究中心舉辦的「與你同行資助計劃」中,奪得「卓越實踐計劃獎」冠軍。