SCM aims to enhance public understanding of commonly found medicinal plants in Hong Kong



Visitors show their interest in the penjing art from the Man Lung Garden, HKBU

The exhibition staged by CIE arouses public awareness of greening


Date: 17 Mar 2017 (Friday)


HKBU promotes horticulture and greening at Hong Kong Flower Show

浸大參加花卉展覽 推廣園藝與綠化意識

The University is participating in the annual Hong Kong Flower Show with a display of medicinal plants, Taiwan Acacia as well as a total of 12 pots of miniature masterpieces of penjing art from the University’s Man Lung Garden. Through the variety of exquisite plants, visitors can enhance their appreciation of the beauty of flowers and their knowledge of Chinese medicine.

This year, students from the School of Chinese Medicine (SCM) are showcasing different species of medicinal plants which are commonly seen in public parks in Hong Kong. It is hoped that it will encourage members of the public to visit local parks more often and to pay more attention to medicinal plants of Hong Kong. In addition, the College of International Education (CIE) is also staging an exhibition with the theme of “The Rebirth of Taiwan Acacia: Declining Trees Given New Purposes”. Students majoring in Environmental Conservation Studies, Geography and Resources Management, and Tree Management together with sustainability ambassadors of CIE will be introducing the special features of Taiwan Acacia and its recycling value at the exhibition.

The exquisite penjing items on display include: Chinese Banyan, Cape Jasmine, Buddhist Pine, Fukien Tea, Surinam Cherry, Snow Rose, Chinese Elm, Orange Jasmine, Black Pin and Chinese Hackberry.

The Flower Show, organised by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, is being held at Victoria Park until Sunday (19 March). For details, please click here.


中藥學會今年以「公園藥草探尋─認識身邊的藥用植物」為主題,展出多種於香港的公園常見且具有藥用價值的植物,希望鼓勵市民多到公園閒逛,並留意周邊的藥用植物。國際學院亦透過展覽「台灣相思垂暮 學生賦予新義」,由環境保育學、地理及資源管理及樹木管理專修的同學和國際學院永續大使,介紹台灣相思的形態特徵及其再生價值。


展覽現於香港維多利亞公園舉辦至本周日 (3月19日),按此瀏覽展覽詳情。