The HKBU Global Youth Summit enables participants to rethink about energy use.


Date: 16 Mar 2017 (Thursday)


HKBU hosts Global Youth Summit 2017


The HKBU Global Youth Summit 2017, with a theme of “Safe to Survive: Nuclear or Others” was held at HKBU recently. Around 100 participants from local and non-local universities gathered to discuss nuclear energy issues.

The Summit was organised by the Leadership Qualities Centre of Office of Student Affairs. Dr Gilles Lepesant of Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (Unit Géographie-Cités, Paris), Miss Frances Yeung of Greenpeace East Asia, and Dr Daphne Mah, Assistant Professor of the HKBU Department of Geography and Director of Asian Energy Studies Centre were the keynote speakers at the opening ceremony. At the summit, the participants gained an understanding of the development and challenges in the use of nuclear energy and learned about the possibility of developing renewable energy in Hong Kong and Europe.

There was an overnight camp off-campus where the participants learned more about nuclear energy through experiential learning activities, group discussion and presentation. In addition, through role play, they considered the pros and cons of using nuclear energy and reconsidered their own attitude towards energy consumption.

浸大最近以「Safe to Survive: Nuclear or Others」為主題,舉辦2017年世界青年高峰會,接近100名本港及非本地大專院校學生參加,一同探討核能等課題。

高峰會由學生事務處領袖素質中心主辦,邀請了法國國家科學研究中心資深研究員Gilles Lepesant博士、綠色和平資深項目主任楊凱珊小姐及浸大地理系助理教授暨亞洲能源研究中心總監馬雅燕教授於開幕禮上發表演講。參加者從演講中了解有關核能在歐洲和香港的發展和挑戰,以及在當地發展可再生能源的可能性。