HKBU Taekwondo team performs excellently in the intercollegiate competition


Date: 10 Mar 2017 (Friday)


HKBU athletes sweep awards in intercollegiate Taekwondo competition


HKBU Taekwondo team performed excellently in the intercollegiate competition. Physical Education and Recreation Management Year 4 student Tin Wing-tai grabbed the championship title in the men’s feather weight while Sport and Recreation Leadership Year 4 student Lui Yee-ting took the top title in the women’s welter weight. 
The Taekwondo team also won the second runner-up prize in both the overall and women’s team categories, and associate degree students Tang Yuen-yee, Fan Wai-sin and Loo Yat-sin won the second runner-up prizes respectively at the levels they took part in.
As captain of the Hong Kong Taekwondo team, Wing-tai always participates in various international events but is still keen to take part in local intercollegiate competitions. He was named one of the top five university athletes last year. He tries his best to take part in all training sessions of HKBU and the Hong Kong team as well as entering different competitions to further strengthen his playing skills, and more importantly to promote Taekwondo and encourage more youngsters to join the sport.
Yee-ting, a representative of the Hong Kong Taekwondo team, was excited about winning the championship title in her final year of the undergraduate programme. She said the HKBU team is cohesive and the support from the coach and teammates is her key to winning, and it makes intercollegiate competitions an enjoyable experience. Some HKBU athletes felt challenged when they had to adapt to this year’s new competition rules or gear but Yee-ting encouraged them to keep on training, and reassured them that they will again attain success.