Professor Lyu Aiping, Dean of SCM, speaks at the opening ceremony


Visiting scholars from across China and abroad gather at the forum


Date: 02 Mar 2017 (Thursday)


SCM co-organises First Forum of Materia Medica Culture in Nanning with Guangxi Medical Botanical Garden


The School of Chinese Medicine (SCM) joined hands with the Guangxi Medical Botanical Garden to organise the “First Forum of Materia Medica Culture-cum-15th Meeting of the Materia Medica Study Group” held in Nanning on 18 February. Revolving around the theme of “Transmission of materia medica culture, building a healthy China”, the Forum marked the 500-day countdown to the 500th anniversary of Li Shizhen, a renowned Chinese medicine scholar. 

The opening ceremony was attended by over 500 participants from 12 countries and regions, including Chinese medicine scholars and experts from the Chinese mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Japan, the US, the Netherlands, Russia, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia and Thailand, as well as scientists of the Guangxi Medical Botanical Garden, faculty and students of the Guangxi TCM University and nearly 20 HKBU academics, researchers and staff. Some 40 scholars shared their insights on the promotion of research and exchange on materia medica studies and the transmission of materia medica culture at the materia medica study group.

On the occasion, the School also took the opportunity to officially launch the newly published Zhongzhen Discusses Materia Medica and show episodes of a short film series entitled “The World Discusses Materia Medica”. Zhongzhen Discusses Materia Medica is the text version of the online lecture series hosted by Associate Dean of SCM Professor Zhao Zhongzhen, who shares his rich knowledge gained through decades of research and expeditions around the world. “The World Discusses Materia Medica” is another project by Professor Zhao which aims at promoting knowledge of Chinese medicines through multimedia channels.

Since the launch of the Compendium of Materia Medica Cultural Project in Hong Kong in 2014, SCM has been actively engaged in hosting academic forums, authoring and editing publications as well as partaking in multimedia projects to arouse interest in materia medica among people in Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland and around the world.