Dr Matthew Schreibeis receives fellowship from the MacDowell Colony

Matthew Schreibeis博士獲MacDowell Colony資助駐居創作

Date: 28 Dec 2016 (Wednesday)


Music scholar receives fellowship from world renowned artists’ colony


Dr Matthew Schreibeis, Assistant Professor of the Department of Music, received a fellowship from the MacDowell Colony, the oldest artists’ colony in the United States, and is now in residence in the Colony until January 2017.

Dr Schreibeis is honoured to have received the fellowship. He said: “Making art requires a certain amount of silence. Being given the time and space to work uninterrupted in a supportive, creative environment and among artists from around the world is a great privilege.” During his residency, he will work on a new string quartet for the JACK Quartet in New York City, which will explore complex rhythmic and harmonic relationships that are inspired by his experiences as a newcomer to Hong Kong.

A composer, Dr Schreibeis’ works have been performed and recorded internationally by soprano Tony Arnold, the New York New Music Ensemble, the Oberlin Contemporary Music Ensemble and Eastman BroadBand, among others.

Founded in 1907, the MacDowell Colony is world renowned. Fellows are selected through an international portfolio competition by a panel of experts. Many of the world’s best artists have been supported in residence, including the winners of Pulitzer Prizes, Guggenheim Fellowships, Rome Prizes, MacArthur Fellowships, Grammys, Oscars, and National Medals for Arts.

音樂系助理教授Matthew Schreibeis博士最近獲得美國歷史最悠久的藝術家群體MacDowell Colony資助,現正在當地駐居創作至2017年1月。

Schreibeis博士對獲得資助表示榮幸,他說:「從事藝術創作需要寧靜時刻,很高興能與其他藝術家一起,在一個充滿創意的環境中,擁有時間和空間無間斷地創作。」在駐居期間,他會利用在香港獲得的靈感,開始為紐約市的JACK Quartet創作節奏和和弦複雜的弦樂四重奏樂曲。

Schreibeis博士是作曲家,他的作品曾獲國際樂團和歌手演奏和灌錄唱片,包括女高音Tony Arnold,紐約新音樂合唱團、Oberlin現代音樂合唱團和Eastman BroadBand等。

於1907年成立的MacDowell Colony聞名國際,它的專家團從國際藝術家中選出合適的資助駐居,曾駐居的藝術家包括普立茲獎、古根漢藝術基金獎、羅馬大獎、麥克阿瑟天才獎、格林美獎、奧斯卡獎和美國國家藝術獎的多位得主。