Flora Ip (centre) is awarded a Postgraduate Scholarship by the Hong Kong Association of University Women


Date: 19 Dec 2016 (Monday)


Education studies PhD student awarded postgraduate scholarship


Education Studies PhD student Flora Ip, who contributes to the community with her professional services, has been awarded a Postgraduate Scholarship by the Hong Kong Association of University Women. 
Flora is a registered psychologist. Prior to studying at HKBU, she worked at special schools and non-government organisations to provide support for students with intellectual disabilities, as well as for parents and teachers. Flora said that the different aspects of special education require support. As an example she cited the problems faced by frontline staff and parents who take care of children with special needs and who burn out due to the lack of back-up support. These kinds of issues cannot be solved just through courtesy visits by a volunteer. Hence in her spare time she goes to the relevant organisations to help follow up on such cases.         
Flora was surprised about the scholarship but regarded the award as recognition of her achievements in social services. She especially thanked Professor Atara Svian, Head, and Dr Marina Wong, Associate Professor, of the Department of Education Studies for their kind support. 
By studying for a PhD, Flora aims to improve her service standards by undertaking in-depth research. She is now working on a research project about designing a music curriculum suitable for students with severe intellectual disabilities. “I want to strengthen the standing of music courses in special schools, as these courses not only nurture students’ interest in music but also improve their capabilities in different areas.”    
The Postgraduate Scholarship recognises female postgraduates who conduct high-quality original research that is of significant value to society and to the advancement of knowledge. It also encourages postgraduates to proactively take part in community services.