HKBU team wins tertiary student relay in vertical run competition


Date: 14 Dec 2016 (Wednesday)


HKBU team wins charity run up Hong Kong’s tallest building


The HKBU team won the champion title in the Tertiary Student Relay category of the “SHKP Vertical Run for Charity -- Race to Hong Kong ICC” for teams climbing the 2,120 stairs of Hong Kong’s tallest building. The team comprised Lau Tsun-ling (Physical Education and Recreation Management, Year 3), Chan Wai-chung (Associate degree, Year 1), Yeung Hoi-chun (Associate degree, Year 1) and Tse Chun-yin (Associate degree, Year 1). 
Tsun-ling said that vertical running was more exciting and challenging than sprints, long-distance running or street races. “In running races, runners can see each other and assess their placing, but in vertical runs, runners compete in a mostly solitary environment. If someone falls behind one or two seconds, that runner is out of sight of other runners. This can shake runners’ determination and affect their performance.” 
Tsun-ling was happy to win the championship and thought the team’s strategy was a vital factor in their victory.  “We chose our relay positions based on the strength of each teammate. I am strong at the longer parts of races which need more endurance, so I ran more floors than other teammates. ” He will continue to take part in vertical running as this form of racing has taught him that “to perform well, I only need to be confident and not to pay too much attention on others.”  

劉峻崚(體育及康樂管理三年級)、陳偉聰(副學士一年級)、楊鎧駿(副學士一年級)及謝俊賢(副學士一年級)參與「新地公益垂直跑 勇闖香港ICC」大專組學生隊際接力賽,在全港最高的大廈以最快速度跑上2120級樓梯,勇奪冠軍。