Each team carries a physically-disadvantaged individual using a sedan chair quickly and safely.


Joshua Claassens (back row, third from right) and his team members: (back row, from left) Edward Ashdown, Tobias App, Mareike Voß, Timothy Berrow, Jack Fellows, Rachel Verhoef and Marina Chen.

Joshua Claassens (後排右三)與他的隊員: (後排左起) Edward Ashdown, Tobias App, Mareike Voß, Timothy Berrow, Jack Fellows, Rachel Verhoef 及Marina Chen。

Date: 13 Dec 2016 (Tuesday)


Exchange students win prize in contest to help physically disadvantaged


A team of exchange students at HKBU won first runner-up prize in a sedan chair race entitled the “Diamond Sedan Competition” held recently to enhance social integration with the physically disadvantaged.

The HKBU team was led by Joshua Claassens, and members were Edward Ashdown, Tobias App, Timothy Berrow, Mareike Voß, Marina Chen, Rachel Verhoef and Jack Fellows. Each team had to complete a 200-metre course carrying a wheelchair-bound person using a sedan chair, a seat carried on poles by human bearers.

Recalling the difficulties he faced, Joshua said, “Initially, thoughts of doubt plagued my mind, but those soon turned into a burning drive to prove to myself what I was capable of. The team was formed and within six days we smashed our fundraising goal of $5,000 by 30 percent. Together, our small achievements compounded into what became one of the most amazing memories and triumphs of our exchange experience.” Joshua said the life lessons learned from this experience will stay with him for the rest of his life.


浸大隊伍由Joshua Claassens同學率領,隊員包括Edward Ashdown、Tobias App、Timothy Berrow、Mareike Voß、Marina Chen、Rachel Verhoef 和 Jack Fellows。各比賽隊伍需以轎子合力抬起一位行動不便的人士,競跑200米。

Joshua Claassens同學回想籌備比賽的困難時說﹕「起初我還苦惱籌備工作,但不久已轉化成推動力,主辦單位要求各支隊伍籌募5,000元報名費,我與團隊在短短六日間的籌款額已超出目標三成。參與比賽並獲得獎項是我們在浸大交流非常難忘的回憶。」Joshua表示是次比賽所學會令他畢生受用。