A full house of audience listens attentively to Professor Daley’s lecture


Professor Daley (third from right, front row) meets with industry practitioners in Hong Kong.


Date: 17 Nov 2016 (Thursday)


Honorary doctorate degree recipient Professor Elizabeth Daley shares on development of cinematic arts and higher education at HKBU distinguished lecture

榮譽博士伊莉莎白‧戴利教授主講講座 探討電影專業教育發展

Professor Elizabeth M Daley, one of the recipients of this year’s honorary doctorates, gave a public lecture on 15 November in which she discussed the important role that education in cinematic arts plays in the development of the media industry.

Organised by the Academy of Film of the School of Communication, the lecture, entitled “A Critical Symbiosis: Higher Education in the Cinematic Arts and the Development of Dynamic Media Industry”, was one of the distinguished lectures in the series supported by the Shun Hing Education and Charity Fund to celebrate the University’s 60th Anniversary.

Professor Daley gave an overview of the history of higher education in cinema and media and said that filmmakers should be broadly educated as skills and knowledge alone would not lead to successful works. Educators should create an open environment for students where creativity as well as experimentation are encouraged and failures respected.  

Professor Daley also shared her insights on the fundamental principles for a cinematic arts curriculum which include the combination of theory and practice, the need for collaboration, and the importance of story-telling. She said that a story well told can create powerful forces in society, erase boundary of time and space and take people beyond the present reality.  She also emphasised that only through a collaborative process can creative ideas be generated and great films produced.  

Professor Elizabeth Daley is Dean of the School of Cinematic Arts of the University of Southern California, USA. She is a seasoned professional in the film and television industry, with a reputation for visionary leadership in cinematic arts education.

浸大本年度榮譽文學博士領受人伊莉莎白‧戴利(Elizabeth Daley)於11月15日主持講座,分享教育在媒體行業發展中所擔當的重要角色。

講座題目為「A Critical Symbiosis: Higher Education in the Cinematic Arts and the Development of Dynamic Media Industry」,由傳理學院電影學院主辦,是浸大60周年校慶信興傑出學人講座系列之一。