Man Ka-ying (right) and Tsui Ka-ho (left) receive the Outstanding Service Awards for Tertiary Students 2015-2016.


Date: 08 Nov 2016 (Tuesday)


HKBU student and graduate win Outstanding Service Awards for Tertiary Students


HKBU student Man Ka-ying (Applied Biology, Year 4) and Tsui Ka-ho (Government and International Studies, fresh graduate) won Outstanding Service Awards for Tertiary Students 2015-2016. These awards are jointly presented by the Hong Kong Student Services Association and the Hong Kong Outstanding Tertiary Students’ Services Association. Ka-ying and Ka-ho are among the 20 awardees to be selected from local tertiary institutions this year.

Apart from taking an active part in HKBU’s environmental programmes on campus, Ka-ying is fond of leading outdoor adventure camps for secondary school students. She believes that adventurous team-based activities provide younger people with a good opportunity to engage in self-reflection and hence their personal development. In addition, she said the knowledge gained in her university major in applied biology can be applied to leading outdoor training activities in future, thereby enabling participants to have a better understanding of the natural environment. 

Ka-ho said that his participation in various overseas activities such as being a voluntary trainer in Bahrain, a Middle East country, has helped him to see the world as well as undergo change himself. He considered the award as just the beginning of his forthcoming journey – during which he can serve the community and also the world, hence promoting the creativity of Hong Kong people to overseas countries and regions.