The School of Chinese Medicine educates the public at the exhibition on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle in today’s world with the benefit of Chinese medicines


A participant learns about the distribution of acupoints through the multimedia human acupoint model


A visitor gains hands-on experience of selecting Chinese herbs from a Chinese medicine cabinet


Date: 01 Nov 2016 (Tuesday)


School of Chinese Medicine promotes smart living in today’s world with Chinese medicines

中醫藥學院參與創新嘉年華 展示中醫藥智慧與現代都市生活

The School of Chinese Medicine (SCM) is staging an exhibition at InnoCarnival 2016 focusing on the theme of “Live Smart in the Modern World with Chinese Medicine Wisdom”. At the exhibition, which is organised by the Innovation and Technology Commission at the Science Park in Shatin, the School seeks to educate the public on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle in today’s world with the benefit of Chinese medicines.

Through the display of information, books and commonly used Chinese medicines, the School is introducing to the public different ways of maintaining good health with the use of Chinese medicines. These methods include having an appropriate diet, adapting to seasonal changes, understanding acupuncture points and regulating the body’s constitution. Several innovative research projects initiated by SCM were also introduced at the exhibition.

This year, SCM specially designed a mobile app for participants to obtain instant information about the 10 local cultural attractions featuring Chinese medicines. A kiosk with background on the attractions was set up for the participants to photograph. In addition, the School provided interactive edutainment activities, such as a tai chi somatosensory game, data bases and a game-based exercise about Chinese medicines, plus a multimedia human acupoint model. All these features were designed to enable visitors to acquire a rich and fascinating experience of Chinese medicines.

This is the sixth consecutive year in which SCM has been supported by the Innovation and Technology Fund to organise the exhibition, which continues until Sunday (6 November). The exhibition also received sponsorship from Beijing Tong Ren Tang Chinese Medicine Co for the fourth consecutive year.