Dr Liu Hongyu (centre) has made important contributions to the field of inverse problems.


Date: 25 Oct 2016 (Tuesday)


Mathematics scholar wins MediaV Young Researcher Award 2016


Dr Liu Hongyu, Associate Professor of the Department of Mathematics of HKBU, received the MediaV Young Researcher Award 2016 during The 8th International Conference on Inverse Problems and Related Topics held in Seoul, South Korea. The award is presented to young scholars who have made important contributions to the field of inverse problems. Every two years, at most two award recipients are selected. Dr Liu and a scholar from Germany were selected this year. The selection committee of the MediaV Young Researcher Award 2016 comprised nine members from the US, the UK, mainland China, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Dr Liu was honoured to receive the prize in recognition of his research related to inverse problems which can be widely applied in areas such as optics, radar, medical imaging and signal processing. He said “The mathematical research on inverse problems is relatively new and challenging. Our researchers at HKBU studied the various aspects of inverse problems, particularly associated with partial differential equations, including mathematical modeling, theoretical identifiability and stability, invisibility cloaking and numerical reconstruction methods, as well as practical applications in medical imaging, and information and computing technology.”